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Saturday, June 25, 2011

1 Yr On Youtube♥♥ { Thank you for the Memories, Experience, &Journey}..?!

Thank you guys SO much i really and truly appreciate all of you guys!!!
This journey has made me happy,sad, excited, and crazy.
I have really gotten to realize who i am as a person and i really love to help others and make them feel beautiful.
I remember when i started and i was jealous"bigger Gurus" had more views and subscribers.
I was annoyed that people would form cliques and it would feel like highschool. I love watching everyone and if i truly like your videos i though why not subscribe.

I Pledge not to change who I am as my journey on YouTube goes on.
I Pledge to let other beauty girls in on YouTube and try to help them.
I Pledge not to be like everyone else.
I Pledge to believe in who i am and love my videos for what they are because not everyone has videos like mine.
I Pledge To HELP others.
I Pledge to not make any one feel bad about their camera quality, amount of subscribers, amount of views.
I Pledge to have fun on YouTube and do it forever and Dont Quit Just Because on Hard It Gets.
I Pledge to try and make everyday a good day.
I Pledge to put a 100% in all my videos.
I Pledge to Love everyone...Even the Mean People.

Here's my Video talking about everything ♥

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